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An email landed in my inbox on Friday morning. One of those annoying ones that you get a million of every time you log into a program on a new device. The email was from Evernote, a great little note keeping piece of software that I only really use for keeping my piano song chords and lyrics. The problem was, I hadn’t logged in to Evernote, certainly not from Vietnam!

So password changes all round then.

I have absolutely no idea how they’ve got this password. It may be from a data breach in some system somewhere that I’ve used this password for. It may be that I’ve used this password somewhere I shouldn’t have, but if so, it wasn’t recent.

I like to think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to most techy stuff, I’m usually the first person people go to when there’s a tech problem, not that I feel I know much but evidently a little more than most. I’m generally very cautious in life and no more so than when it comes to being online so this came as a real surprise.

The password in this case is one I’ve used for many years and is my least secure of all my passwords, used for things that require a low level of security. Nobody will be getting into my laptop or financial accounts with this password that’s for sure. This system has clearly worked because the only other things they may have had access to is my coffee and beer subscriptions. If I suddenly get an extra box of beer or coffee over Christmas then I’ll just have to find some way to drink it, I’m sure I’ll manage.

Yesterday evening I had a message on my iPhone saying that my password had been compromised after logging in using the aforementioned password which I hadn’t changed yet. I have no idea how my phone knows this but I guess in this instance it’s a bonus.

I guess the lesson here is to be careful and change your passwords occasionally, but certainly do not keep the same password for everything.

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