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The Boss

Updated: Jun 15

Who's the best boss you've ever worked for?

Who raised you up to be the best version of you you could be?

Who did you thrive working alongside?

How do these people get the best out of you?

Do you treat yourself that way?

Can you do your best if you constantly put yourself down, expect the impossible of yourself and don't ever let yourself take a break?

An email from Mark Topley lands in my inbox every Monday morning with some tips for being a Great Boss, but like everything else in our lives, to be the best dentist, boss, husband, father or friend, owe need to be a great boss to ourselves.

I'm enjoying Rachel Turner's Founder's Survival Guide right now, a book devoted to helping people become a great leaders in their businesses at different sizes, and yet a third of the book is dedicated to personal mastery.

We can't be the best for the people around us if we aren't first kind to ourselves, I need to remind myself of this frequently.

I searched desperately for some awesome on-theme lyrics by Bruce Springsteen to accompany this blog and but couldn't find any. So instead, here's an epic video of Bruce doing The Ghost of Tom Joad with Tom Morello. Enjoy, and then be kind to yourself.

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1 commento

Sarah H-R
Sarah H-R
10 dic 2022

Liked this, always my own worst enemy. Thanks for the positive vlog vibes :)

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