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The Autumn is always a difficult time. The days start closing in, the kids are back to school and everyone seems to descend into a manic phase of being back to work after the summer. This year has been no exception. It's been busy for sure, I'm certainly not complaining about this, it's better than the alternative, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I've noticed a pattern year on year of burning out towards the end of October, I used to get my head down and push on but it never got any better and so I always plan in a break for myself around this time.

On top of taking time out, I cut back on all non-essentials for the time being and it turns out that this blog, for a period of time, was one such non-essential.

Wow though, I didn't realise it has been over two months since I posted one!

Change is always a challenge, it brings opportunity but also a great deal of uncertainty, particularly when the change is forced upon us. Marisa always warns me about how periods of transition are vulnerable times. How any trauma you experience can feel substantially worse if it happens during a time of transition. I'm thinking about starting at a new school, a new job or role, a new year, a new life choice or change of circumstance at home.

Whatever it is, if you're in transition, or if a loved one is, remember to show them (or yourself) that bit of extra love and support.

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