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  • Writer's pictureKarl Walker-Finch

Ye, but no, but ye, but....

Everything is difficult at the moment.

Everyone is struggling with one thing or another.

Everyone is out of their comfort zone.

Some people are finding it harder than others.

Moaning about the situation doesn’t help, all that does is drag everyone around you down with you.

We need to drop the “no” attitude to every question that’s posed. We need to drop the “but”. No and but always provide obstacles to progress. Barriers and hurdles that need to be traversed to reach the next stage.

We need to start saying “yes, and...”. This is the metaphorical leg-up that you can give a colleague or team mate to get beyond those obstacles. And there certainly are plenty of obstacles to traverse right now.

For example, when presented with a plan for how to safely start seeing patients in practice, team members could either say:

But we can’t have too many people in the waiting room and everyone’s got to be 2m apart and we’ll end up with 50 patients queuing to tell us they’re here and then we’ll all catch COVID and die.


Yes, and we can make it safer by running on time and asking patients not to come to the front door until the time of their appointment so we don’t need a waiting area at all.

One provides obstacles. One provides solutions.

We have enough obstacles right now, let’s start finding more solutions.

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