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In The Loupe

The Secrets to Finding a Passion in Dentistry

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Two and a half years in the making, it's finally published.

Learn the secrets, discover your passion and help me to support the wonderful work Confidental are doing in providing mental health support for dental professionals.

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What's it all about?

I love being a dentist. I love that I get to help people every day and I know that I have a positive impact on the world. But dentistry is hard. There’s so much stress, so much pressure, so much expectation. Then there’s the negativity, everyone’s moaning, everyone else is doing better than us, and nobody even likes dentists anyway. For many, a job in dentistry is one that’s become a way to pay the bills amid the backdrop of frantic calculations on how to retire as soon as possible. How is it even possible that some people seem to love being in dentistry?

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We are taught in dental school how to spot holes in teeth and fill them again, it took me years to realise that there’s so much more to fixing teeth, than fixing teeth.


With this book, I want to share the secrets that took me from pain to passion. There's no quick fix, but I've applied many lessons from over 100 personal development books to my life as a dentist. I want to share my journey, my mistakes and what I believe dentistry is all about.

It’s time to stop fixing teeth and start changing lives.


The profits from the sales of this book are going to Confidental who do fantastic work supporting the profession.

Their purpose is to provide emotional first aid to dentists in distress. They offer a confidential ear to any dentist and can help signpost to further help where needed.

Tel: 0333 987 5158

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"Life is about more than teeth,

we must not be consumed by what goes on in the mouth."

It's all for a good cause, so is there any reason you can't order it today?

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