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When I was five, I was diagnosed with a condition meaning that the enamel on my teeth is really thin and quite weak.  At the time, this meant absolutely nothing to me, and I just kept up with my regular dentist appointments which had now been referred to the Liverpool Dental Hospital, just to keep a check on everything.

When I was ten, I was fitted with my first set of NHS veneers.  Again, at the time, the aesthetics meant nothing to me and probably didn’t mean an awful lot to my dentist.  They were merely fitted to protect my teeth.  They were maintained over the next fifteen years or so, with the odd few being replaced as and when needed.

By the time I reached my early twenties, the appearance of my teeth really bothered me.  I had lost all confidence in my smile and found myself developing habits in an attempt to hide my teeth. 

I often touched my mouth when I talked or laughed, and I NEVER showed my teeth when I smiled for photos.  I was overly conscious of the fact that they were uneven, different sizes, and I particularly hated the fact that they appeared to slant downwards when I smiled.  The latter was a real issue for me, especially because when I tried to explain it to people, they didn’t appear to understand what I was talking about.

In the end, I decided life was too short to smile with my hand over my mouth, and now was as good a time as any to take the plunge and privately pay for new veneers to be fitted to all of my teeth. 

I spoke to Karl really informally at first, just to discuss my options and costs etc.  We both decided together that if it was something we were going to do, we were going to do it well and no corners would be cut.  I explained all of my insecurities to Karl, and even just by having a quick glance at my teeth, he understood.  He asked for some time to go away and thoroughly plan my treatment in a way that would best meet my needs.  When we next met, I was overwhelmed with what he was proposing, and probably more importantly, I was beyond excited.

The first step in my treatment plan was to fix the wonkiness of my smile.  This was done by literally cutting away parts of my gum to ensure my gumline, and consequently my teeth were straight.  Karl was totally honest throughout the whole of my treatment and he did prepare me for some possible soreness and pain after this first procedure which I totally expected given that I was having some of my gum cut away and stitched back up.  I felt totally at ease during the whole procedure and I can honestly say no one was more surprised that me when I didn’t feel an ounce of pain during or after! 

I then had to wait a few weeks for my gums to heal before replacing the veneers on my top teeth.  Karl explained that he would need to remove my existing veneers and that he would fit temporary ones based on a model he had had made of how he envisaged my teeth would and should look.  Again, the entire procedure was relaxed and painless, and Karl asked me to go away for a few weeks and ‘try them out’ so to speak.  He asked me to get the opinions of those closest to me, and reassured me that I could make as many changes as I wanted to. 

I think sometimes you can be overly conscious of offending your dentist by saying you’re a little unsure about something given all of the hard work they’ve put in so far, but Karl could not have been clearer about the fact that these were MY teeth and he wanted ME to be happy with them and so he was more than happy to make as many changes as I felt necessary.

Given Karl's meticulous dedication to my treatment plan, there were naturally only very few minor changes I wanted to make before the final veneers were fitted. 

After so many years of being so self-conscious about my teeth, I had finally found, and fell in love with my smile again. 

I absolutely loved them and genuinely could have cried with happiness when I looked in the mirror.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner! 

The process was exactly the same for my bottom teeth (minus the cutting of my gums), and again, I was overwhelmed with the results.  After so many years of being so self-conscious about my teeth, I had finally found, and fell in love with my smile again. 

I can’t go anywhere at the moment without people commenting how beautiful my teeth are and how natural they look, and of course, asking where I had them done when I tell them that they’re veneers.  That was the one thing I was quite clear to Karl about from the beginning- I wanted them to look as natural as possible, and he absolutely ticked this box. 

The whole process took around 3-4 months from start to finish, and the saying Rome wasn’t (and shouldn’t!) be built in a day rings true.  Having the time to fully plan my treatment with Karl and having the time to make changes as we went along was so important to me and enabled me to get the results I did. 

They say you get what you pay for, and in my opinion, there was never a truer word spoken. 

I would pay ten times over for the treatment I received, as well as the results which exceeded all of my expectations. 

Thank you Karl!

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Having had veneers fitted to my front teeth over 10 years ago (due to a gap between my 2 front teeth) I was pretty happy about my smile, however when 1 of the veneers came off, and my old dentist had now retired, I really struggled to find a dentist whom I felt comfortable with. 

Having tried 2 local practices with very poor results my sister recommended Karl and whilst I did have concerns about the travel and distance to the practice in Huddersfield once I had been to see Karl I felt very confident and comfortable and signed up to the practice that day.  

Originally Karl replaced my veneer (very satisfactory I have to say after 2 disaster fits elsewhere).

I then started a treatment programme recommended by Karl for gum disease and over a period of a few years with regular visits to both Karl and Sophie, and giving up on a long term smoking habit, my gums did indeed improve. Unfortunately not before I lost 4 top teeth leaving me with quite big gaps in my top gums and not much of smile any more! 

I then went through implant surgery and had my implants finally fitted last week which I am absolutely thrilled with.

Having been afraid of the dentist chair from being quite young when all I can remember is every visit seemed to involve an extraction, gas and air, and big cotton wool balls stuffed in my mouth …and a fall down a large flight of stairs after an extraction….

From the moment I walked into Lindley Dental practice I have to say I did feel very at ease. The reception staff are all very friendly and smile a lot and nothing is too much trouble for them and they just add to the experience of making me feel more comfortable whenever I visit. Must say a special thank you to Helen who went to great lengths to re plan many of my appointments for me when my dad was seriously ill –  so thank you for that Helen.

Both Karl and Sophie have been very, very patient with me and fully explained things at every stage and all their dental assistants (sorry can’t remember all the names here!) have been really good at easing my fears and making me feel comfortable during all appointments.  A special mention here to Vicky who really did help me through all my implant procedures … Thank you Vicky. I still owe you a stress ball.

Already I’ve noticed I am not hiding my mouth with my hand when I smile or laugh.

I’ve already had lots of compliments about the change to my looks from family and friends so my confidence has certainly improved and whilst I might not look it…. I do feel 10 years younger!

I’m thrilled with the end results. It’s been a long process (the virus certainly hasn’t helped that) but now I’m here it has definitely been worth it. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Karl and Lindley Dental.

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Having implants was definitely a great decision for me. I had a troublesome crown which regularly came lose as well as a gap in my teeth.


As a long standing client of Lindley Dental, Karl was an obvious choice as my experience with all other members of the team and the service they provide is 100% positive.


Karl is excellent at his job and a perfectionist. Any feelings of anxiety were swept away by his professional, but also intuitive approach. Karl has a unique person centred approach and a meticulous attention to detail. 


I'm delighted with my new implants. No more troublesome crown and a fabulous new smile.

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