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A dinghy adrift

Like many good moments of insight and inspiration, the seeds of this blog were sewn following a good conversation with a friend and fellow dentist, Matt Lawler.

One of the most important qualities of a human being is integrity. The possession and implementation of honest, moral principles in your life. To have integrity is to embody the lessons you espouse. To be genuine. To be honest. To be congruent.

We form our core principles, our moral code, unconsciously, often at a young age, either learning from our parents or by our life experiences and they go on to express themselves in the very nature of you as a person. Once formed, your principles can be challenging to break or improve, though you are not completely without control of them.

Integrity to means that you do what you say and you live by the rules you espouse. It is a core principle in itself but more than this, it's our ability to live by our core principles and our discipline to not do and say things that bend the rules in our own moral code.

Integrity is what allows others to trust us. To trust that we are who we say we are and we do what we say we do. All healthy relationships need trust and it is the integrity of the people in the relationship that allows us to build stronger bonds and the interdependability that can allow us to grow together.

Without integrity, you are lost, floating in a dinghy for one, surrounded by a million other isolated vessels aimlessly drifting through life. Integrity is the foundation of the bonds that allows others to join you. The anchor that says to another human being “I’m here, this is me, if you want to come with me, we will be stronger together”.

There is no value in human connection if there is no integrity.

There is no value in life if there is no human connection.

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