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A little light reading

There's a distinct lack of proper referencing in In The Loupe, a quite deliberate move as the bulk of what I've written has been influenced by a broad range of books and experiences, with few opportunities to state definitively that one specific idea is solely from one specific source.

What I do have however, is a list of a few books that have influenced each chapter which is available to download in the For Dentists section of my website, alongside a plethora of other freebies and reference lists.

If you've still not ordered your copy of In The Loupe yet, you can do so here.

Image: Bryant's 7x refractive loupes that featured on the cover on In The Loupe. I have to extend a big thank you to Conner and the whole Bryant family for sharing the image with me and allowing me to use it on my book.

In The Loupe has been influenced by my experiences as a dentist and over one hundred personal development books, read over several years. A few books are mentioned within my pages but I wanted to share a few more that have had a significant impact on my writing. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide a few recommended areas for further reading.

1. How to find your purpose

2. How to give your life direction

3. How to harness the power of habits

4. How to find and take opportunities

5. How to practise without fear

6. How to supercharge your growth

7. How to begin to understand mental health

8. How to strengthen your mental wellbeing

9. How to establish the right work-life balance

10. How to thrive in dentistry

11. How to communicate effectively

12. How to flourish in a community

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