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An unintended inspiration

I had the privilege of attending a course about dental implants at The Campbell Academy last week and I promise you now, it’s worth the course fee just to see around the marvellous clinic and educational facilities there. The course itself was of course brilliant but beyond that, seeing the way every single member of their large roster of staff acts courteously and professionally at all times (or at least any time I was looking) was inspiring. I like to think we have that in our little practice but it was the scale and consistency that so impressed me there.

It’s not always possible to identify exactly what “it” is in some places but we know when somewhere has “it”. The Campbell Clinic has “it”.

“It” to me is that feeling when you walk in somewhere and know immediately that you’re going to be well looked after.

“It” is knowing that everyone in the vicinity is on the same mission.

“It” is knowing that everyone cares about the business they work for and the people they care for.

It’s in the culture. It usually comes from the top and percolates through every layer of the business. The bigger the business gets, the bigger the gap from top to bottom, the harder it is to create and maintain this culture.

One of the advantages of being a small independent business is that everyone in the business is in close contact almost every day and so it in theory becomes easier to build that culture (very much in theory), but seeing it work in a larger establishment on the next level up on the scale was inspiring.

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