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Boundaries mean freedom

I value my clinical time.

I thrive in my admin time.

I treasure my personal time.

I’m not perfect, but I place very rigid boundaries between each and because I do so, I can enjoy each for its own merits.

I don’t have to fret about running my business when I’m seeing my patients because I know I have dedicated time to make sure the business is ok. I can focus 100% on the person in front of me and I’m free to give myself entirely to them.

I don’t need to worry about being an absent father or husband when I’m doing my CPD or formulating complex treatment plans because I’ve built family time into my schedule. I can use this admin time for whatever I feel is most valuable to me and my business with the freedom of knowing I’m not shortchanging anyone else.

I can play with my kids in the garden, have a day out with my friends or relax with my wife because I know I’m as on top of my work as I can be.

Because I maintain strong boundaries, I have the freedom to be the best version of me, in whatever way I think that is, in any given moment.

Strong boundaries provide freedom.

You better think Think about what you're trying to do to me Yeah, think Let your mind go, let yourself be free

Oh, freedom, freedom Oh, freedom, yeah, freedom

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