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Date night

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt be expecting another bashing of New Year's resolutions at this point and I'd hate to disappoint. Christmas and New Year always feel like a good time to prepare to start again with renewed vigour and I think the key point here is that when we actually get to stop, when we stop being busy with the business of busyness, we can reflect on what really matters to us.

Then, life starts up again, we get busy and we forget that we found something that seemed important when we actually gave ourselves time to think. Instead of making a resolution based on a decision made over the holidays, why not take a moment now to book an hour out of your diary for a date with yourself. One hour, in about a month's time, to stop and reflect on how things are going and where you may need to course correct.

It's a practice I've been doing for years now and it's amazing the clarity of thought you can have when you just stop being busy for a few minutes. It's the New Years resolution effect, but in a sustainable way throughout the year. An opportunity to implement a small habit that might make your life a little better, instead of attempting a radical annual overhaul that can never be maintained.

It's a chance to show yourself a little love so that you can be at your best for the people who matter to you.

And when you get to that date with yourself, don't forget to book in the next one.

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