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Free stuff - paying it forward

I want to give something back to the dental community, for free, no questions asked as my way of paying forward the help I've received and continue to receive.

I’ve been lucky enough to be helped along by so many people on my journey so far and I have felt so much of the time that I’ve been unable to adequately thank them for the help they’ve given.

I love that I work in a profession where I get to help people every day, namely, the patients who come to see me, and each of those patients has in a small way (sometimes a big way) been indirectly helped by each person who’s mentored me.

I love the thought of the ripple effect, a small change made by on person spreading through every life they come into contact with and through each person, helping a great many more people.

It’s this combination of this ripple effect, and wanting to pay forward the support I've had that has lead me to want to give away a load of freebies for dentists. No membership needed. No sign-up needed. Nothing. There’s many hours of work and refinement gone into each document and they’re all things I use or have used on a regular basis. There are things on there that I hope will have value for general dentists as well as new and experienced implant dentists.

You may want to tweak them or make them more applicable to their own practice, but if any of them can help any of you help any of your patients just a little bit better, then I’d be delighted for you to use them and share them.

Find them here, but as a sneak preview, the current lists comprises of:

CBCT report template

Implant assessment checklist

Implant surgery plan (my step by step prompts for planning placements procedures)

Safe surgery checklist (based on the WHO one but applied to implant procedures)

Implant restoration impressions checklist

Lab prescription checklist (to aid clear communication with labs)

Dental implant maintenance advice for general dental teams

Professional reflection log (I use this all the time for reflecting on learning and significant clinical events, good and bad, in order to continue to develop).

These documents, in their entirety are downloadable here

If they help anyone just a small amount then it'll be worthwhile sharing them all.

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