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Get yourself In The Loupe

There are no prizes for guessing what today's blog is about.

I'd love to tell you that I'm overjoyed at having it published but the reality is, it just feels a bit weird. So much has gone in to writing and editing the whole thing that now it's actually out there and I can't change it, I feel a bit at a loss.

There's also that part of me that wants to know what everyone thinks, and while the orders are coming through online, I don't think many people will have had the chance to read much of it yet so I'll have to be patient on that one.

I guess like all creative work, I have released it into the world and I just need to let it fly now and see where it goes.

If you've read the book, I would love to hear what you think. I sincerely hope that it isn't so bland that everyone agreees with everything in it. I hope it challenges some preconceptions, opens up new ways of thinking and highlights my own fallibility. There are parts of the book that represent who I was at certain times in my career and I don't feel particularly fondly towards that version of me. I hope this comes across too.

Finally, I hope my vulnerability empowers others to talk a little more about mental health, whether it's something you feel you've been affected by or not.

Time will tell, but for now, if nothing else, thank you to everyone who's bought a copy so far and helped raise a little bit of money to support the fantastic work that Confidental do.

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