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  • Writer's pictureKarl Walker-Finch

I Don't Know!

A few years ago I wrote this short ditty, a poem of sorts, about indecision.

I don't know! stops me making decisions

I don't know! protects me from the answers I don't want to hear

I don't know! lets me delay taking the paths I don't want to take

I don't know! is a wall

A wall I build in front of me to stop the answers reaching me

A wall that protects me from any harm that might come from choosing a path

A wall that blocks my path

I can't moved forward if the path is blocked.

If I can't move forward I will never achieve anything

If I can't move forward I can only move backwards

Backwards is what I know

Backwards are the decision I've already made

Backwards are the paths that changed when I last built a wall

If I choose a path and it isn't the right one, will I be any worse off than walking backwards?

If I choose a path and it is the right one, where will it lead?

If I don't choose a path will I go anywhere?

The picture, by the way, has nothing to do with this poem, it's just a nice British seasonally appropriate photo I took rather than shoving another stock image of a question mark!

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