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In for a penny, in for a pound?

It’s rare that we my wife and I sit down to watch a film. The time available between getting the kid settled in bed and us passing out from exhaustion is generally too small to fit a film in.

We did however, find a little time this weekend to sit, relax and wind down. We started watching A Star Is Born, a light-hearted film about an ageing rocker and a young romance, sounded like some fairly easy watching to chill out to. We got one hour in, paused for an intermission and then decided not to watch the rest of it.

The film wasn’t terrible and I’m sure some people love it, IMDB certainly doesn’t think it’s a shocker. We just weren’t engaging with it, I had no real desire to find out what happened to the characters and I hadn’t found it particularly entertaining.

Now I’ll confess, it’s rare for me not to finish something I’ve started, should this be the case though? We’ve spent an hour watching something and something inside us always tells us that we should finish it, why?

Why should we spend another hour watching a film that we have no interest in?

The same is true in many more significant areas of life. Once you have invested some of your time or money, even if it’s not going to plan, you feel you ought to invest more because if you stop, you’ve lost everything you already put in. This completely neglects the knowledge that you have already lost what you’ve invested. Putting more in is only likely to lead to further loss.

If you’ve bought a ticket for a gig, for say £40, but forgot to book you tickets, the day before you remember that you’ve not sorted transport to get there and you learn it’s now going to cost you £80 to get there. Because you’ve already bought the tickets, you feel you have to spend the extortionate travel costs to get there. But do you? You’ve already lost your £40, it’s not coming back. Is the show worth spending another £80 and an evening of time? Or would you be able to spend that time and £80 on doing something better?

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