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It's coming......

In just over a month, the book is finally hitting the shelves!

In The Loupe will be launching on Amazon on 27th February 2023.

It's now two and a half years on from when the first seed of an idea was planted and I can't quite believe it's taken that long. Most people are probably completely sick of me going on about it by now and with any luck, a few people may just buy it out of pity. I hope that if they do, they may just find something in there that will enrich their life.

Have you lost a passion that you once had in dentistry?

Do you already love what you do and want to maximise your potential and move up to the next level?

Are you just starting our in dentistry and want to get your career started in the right direction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I reckon there's something in there for you and if I can give each reader just one small takeaway, it'll be a job well done. In truth, I hope it does a lot more for you than this, if nothing more than to simply make you think, reflect and perhaps challenge some preconceptions.

This isn't just another mindlessly positive mindset book. It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the blog that mental wellbeing features quite significantly and of course, the profits are going to support the wonderful work that Confidental do in providing emotional first aid for dentists, hygienists, therapists and dental students in distress.

To be the first to be able to pre-order the book, to help me support this fantastic charity, make sure you're on the mailing list by clicking here.

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