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Looking ahead

Dr Karl Implant Dentist and Mentor

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. We know the score now, COVID’s here, it’s not going away and the sooner we all start getting on with our lives rather than waiting for life to come back to us, the sooner we will all start to progress again. There's a whole world to look forward to.

With so much uncertainty still this can feel hard to do. I can promise you one thing, more change is going to come, certainly to do with COVID, but there’ll be other things too.

I’ve never been a fan of setting arbitrary goals and I don’t see any reason why the start of another new year should be any different. I’ve mentioned New Year’s resolutions before (here) and in times of such uncertainty, it’s crazy to think that we can predict where we need or want to be in three days, let alone three months or a year.

What is important though is we take a moment to reflect on our direction of travel. The wheels may well have come off for large parts of the last two years but are we getting back on the track and are we still heading in the direction that we want to go?

Now is as good a time as any to take a moment to reflect and plan.

Where am I now and where do I want to be?

What changes can I make to my life that will put me in a better position in the future?

If I keep doing what I’m doing now, what might my life look like in five years time and do I want to change this?

What do I need to change so I can love or keeping loving my life and my work?

It’s not about setting goals, but gaining guidance.

Not fixing targets but living with purpose and passion.

As for me, I’m expecting 2022 to be a steep learning curve. I’ve booked on to a couple of implant courses, I’m hoping to get my book published and there’s something else even bigger in the pipeline which I can’t announce just yet.

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