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Making conversation

I picked my daughter (R) up from school on Monday and as we trotted off back home she spotted one of her friends.


S: Bye 👋

Me: shall we catch her up and you can’t walk home together?

R: ye

We bounced forward to catch Sophie and her Grandma up making me break out in a sweat exposing my shocking present lack of fitness, though I’m blame the heatwave for now. 🥵

R: Hi Sophie 👋

S: Hi 👋

R: …..

S: …..

R: …..

S: …..

R: …..

S: …..

R: Bye 👋

S: Bye 👋

We strolled round the corner.

Me: why didn’t you say anything when we caught up with them

R: I did, I said hi

Me: ye but why didn’t you say anything else?

R: [shrugs]

I told my wife about this and she laughed, telling me when she was about 7, she would be her mum to let her call her friend, Grace. She’d call, they’d say hi to each and then not say anything else until the end of the call. Each silently holding the phone to their ear, mums in the backgrounds trying to coerce a conversation.

Weird, right?

Why are kids weird?

Or is it us that’s weird?

Are we the adults really the ones who have it wrong?

Why do we feel we have to always make conversation?

Why can’t we just enjoy being in the presence of a friend without feeling awkward?

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note: as much as I try to use my own photos for my blogs, the image at the top is a stock photo this time

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