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I’ve been inspired once again by Dan Pink, author of some of my favourite non-fiction books. He also sends out his Pinkcast every couple of weeks, most recently with Jonah Berger with who he discusses the power of labels!

In the Pinkcast Jonah tells us about a study in which people who were asked to “be a voter”, were more likely to comply, than people who were asked to vote.

I touch on the power of embracing the right identity in my book and the huge motivational impact that these labels can have on us.

A runner is usually more committed than someone who likes to run. The runner more likely to stick to their habit if they’ve given themselves the affirmative label.

A reader will enjoy more books than someone who likes to read.

And a writer, will do more writing than someone who wants to write more.

This final label got me through the hard days in getting to publication when I felt like throwing in the towel. For the past two years, I’ve not been a dentist trying to write a book, I’ve been a dentist and a writer. I kept going, I stuck to the habit and the process because that’s what writers do!

Next time you need to make a change, try this little “hack” and see if it has the same impact for you as it does for me.

(a great tune, providing the title of this blog (and photo), with absolutely no relevant lyrics to the content of the blog)

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