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Overload cessation

Everyone’s busy, everyone’s stressed and everybody wants everything done yesterday, to make up time for everything that stopped last year.

I’m no different and once again I’ve caught myself sliding into a manic phase which as I’ve pointed out before here, often precedes a depressive episode.

Step one, and the hardest part is identifying this mania. Keeping a personal diary and reflecting day by day has helped me with this. Talking openly with my wife, friends and colleagues has also helped. Identifying and accepting that there is problem is always the first step.

Step two for me is to slow down. Also not easy, but equally important. This might mean asking for help, deciding not to do unimportant tasks, or simply just doing one thing at a time instead of jumping between ten browser tabs and three email accounts.

Marisa has reinforced that I also need to remember to say no to things.

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