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Rolling down hills

I’m back from having a week off, we didn’t jet off anywhere fancy, we just had some time together as a family. Lo and behold, once again I’ve been inspired by my kids.

A year or so ago now, on another such short break, my daughter, wanting to play with me whilst I was buried behind my laptop challenged me;

“Daddy, what’s the point in having time off work if you’re just going to work?”

I have absolutely no idea what I was working on during my holiday but I’m certain it wasn’t as important as spending time with her in that moment.

And so, this year, I booked time off and I didn’t work and I was inspired again. Not by any cutting truths this time, but simply by their actions. They showed day after day how they can have fun, create games out of thin air and just enjoy being instead of doing. No lofty goals needed. No certificate of achievement. Just playing, exploring, laughing and rolling down hills just for the sake of doing it.

Marisa told me, while we were watching them, that rolling down a hill is apparently on a list on “50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4”.

Since when did kids need bucket lists?

Since when did we have to tell them to do knee slides on a dance floor, make a mud pie or a den?

Since when, did adults need to be told to stop working, to have fun, laugh and be stupid once in a while?

Not that I’m planning any knee slides any time soon, I might never get back up again.

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