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Smile and wave

This may be a completely foreign concept to anyone living south of the M62 but bear with me.

On my way into work today I drove by a chap that I frequently pass in the morning. He lives just round the corner from the practice and every morning he's outside smoking but he gives me a little wave and a smile. It’s nothing much, but I always give a wave and a smile back and I get a little warm feeling inside, having made the smallest of connections with a complete stranger.

My son is no stranger to this feeling either. Every Friday morning, the instant he hears the bin lorry coming down the road, he drops whatever he's doing, whether trying to draw on the walls or playing with his favourite bunny toy, and he bolts to the window to wave.

The warmth that I think the bin men must feel from waving back at my two-year-old son is thoroughly deserved.

That briefest of moments in the day can change the entire outlook of your day.

In a world of high intensity and high stress, where we’re told we’re no longer allowed to be near anyone for fear of this contagion, take a moment to connect with a stranger. Take a moment to smile and wave.

When you smiling, when you smiling

The whole world smiles with you

Yes when you laughing, when you laughing

Yes the sun come shining through

(Listen to the 1929 Louis Armstrong here)

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