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Systems are supposed to make things easier. They’re the things we automate, the rules we set, the guidance we espouse and the habits that we stick to. Systems are great, when they’re up and running smoothly, they allow us to spend less of our time, physical and mental resources on one task and focus on building something else brighter and shinier.

I love a good system, but building good systems is hard work.

A bad system can wreak havoc as it's left to rampage unattended so it's important to pick the right system and implement it properly.

Seth Godin teaches in The Dip, that any new project will always reach a most difficult point. A point that comes after the buzz and excitement of starting something new has worn off, and before the benefits have started to materialise.

The key is never bailing out when we're in the dip. We must acknowledge there's going to be a dip before we start, decide whether the dip is worth the effort, and then stick with it through the hard times.

The time to quit isn't when it gets hard, it's when it's so easy that we're no longer getting any better.

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