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What a year it’s been. It began without a job as I’d left the wonderful Lindley Dental almost completely and the purchase of Grayes Dental wasn’t to be completed until the end of March.

Buying a dental practice has been a bit of a rollercoaster, firstly in getting the purchase done but then the very steep learning curve throughout the year.

It’s a year that I couldn’t have got through without the support of so many people, to all of whom I’m eternally grateful, not least the wonderful team I’ve inherited who have all stuck by me through the chaos that change brings.

The aim with any change is always to come out the other side of the chaos stronger and I think we’ve done that. We’ve rebranded to Smiles in Tandem, introduced dental implants to the practice, the CEREC workflow allowing us to go digital, and brought in Marisa as a counsellor, partnering dental health and mental health in a way that we hope will continue to blossom.

We’re always most vulnerable in times of transition (credit as usual to Marisa for making me aware of this). It’s at these times that the support network around us is most important. Once again, I cannot thank those people who’ve been there for me this year enough.

Thank you too to those of you that had read these blogs through the year. It means a lot to know someone’s reading them and I hope they continue to add value as we move into 2023.

As for next year, we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline, not least the long awaited publication of the book! In The Loupe will be hitting the digital shelves very soon, watch this space….

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