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The luck of the Irish

Updated: Jun 15

Why is it that some people just seem to be lucky?

They always land on their feet. They get the best job, the best opportunities, the best everything. They’re always happy, of course they are, so they should be, they’re so damn lucky.

Others are born unlucky, is this you? The dream job never gets given to you and the one time you thought you had it, it turned out to be a sham. You never win anything. Nothing good ever happens va to you by chance.

We’re not talking about winning the lottery kind of luck here, gambling will always have more losers than winners. This is the luck of life.

I’d love to tell you there’s no such thing as luck but of course there is. You can happen to just be in the right place at the right time. The difference between someone who consider themselves lucky, and one thinking of thermals as unlucky, is that they’re mind is open to the opportunity when it arises.

The defeatist mentality of the cursed misfortune leads to a closed mind. A back turned to every open door.

Every change is an opportunity.

Every day is the beginning of a new adventure.

Every door has a key but your eyes have to be open to see it.

The Verve, Lucky Man (listen here)

But how many corners do I have to turn?

How many times do I have to learn

All the love I have is in my mind?

A final interesting note: the word luck originally comes from the Dutch word gheluc which means "happiness, good fortune"

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