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  • Writer's pictureKarl Walker-Finch

The old frogs and logs scenario

I was reading the brilliant Oi Frog! to my son this week, a book littered with a cat ordering animals to sit on things that rhyme with their names and are most often not particularly comfortable to their derriéres. Our inquisitive amphibious protagonist does not want to sit on a log and is perplexed by lions sitting on irons, parrots on carrots, seals on wheels and apes on grapes.

Side note: if left long enough, would apes on grapes become bonobos on merlots?

It got me thinking of how much we love things that rhyme and how we can be easily mislead by such black magic to confuse things that rhyme with facts. A catchy little rhyme can help us remember details but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

In the modern world where anyone can say anything on social platforms, take head that the person who boldly shouts a catchy think they can manipulate you more easily, by making it sound all pretty and poetic.

Believe what you choose

Confidence is an act

Just please don’t confuse

A rhyme with a fact

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