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The secrets to fitting it all in

Not for the first time, I was asked last night "how do you fit it all in?"

Dentisting, parenting, mentoring, lecturing, writing and yet I promise you, I’ve never worked less since I left dental school than I do right now.

One of the secrets is discipline.

Discipline is freedom.

It is because I maintain strict boundaries on my time and I work with discipline, avoiding procrastination, that I can enjoy my free time.

It’s because I know I’m on top of the most important priorities in my life that I can choose what extras are going to add most value.

It’s because I get my clothes out the night before and make the bed in the morning that I can enjoy eating breakfast with my kids and evenings with my wife.

Discipline is freedom.

The rest of the secrets are tucked away in my book….

The final countdown is on, get on the mailing list to be first in line for a copy, make sure you're In The Loupe

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