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You can't catch me out

Updated: Jun 15

Humility is a much lauded character trait. We love to love the humble hero, the one who never believes they've done anything special.

The Oscar winner who acknowledges everyone else and downplays their own incredible journey.

The sprinter who thanks God for the genes that have allowed him to run 100m in under 10 seconds.

Or even the dentist, who never seeks any praise or recognition, doesn't want to stand on a podium to teach others.

The great thing about humility is that it inoculates against humiliation.

We don’t look stupid if we downplay everything we’ve ever done.

We can never look stupid if we never give it a go, if we never share our views, if we never sing like nobody’s listening.

We don't get caught out if we don't say anything in the first place.

Some times, we have to ditch the humility if we want to have the confidence to actually make a difference to someone or something.

I wrote about confidence a couple of weeks ago and I guess the conclusion is probably the same as I wrote then.

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